22@ is where Barcelona’s industrial past converges with its more technological future. 

There is no project that better defines 22@ than Pujades 111: A PMU elongated to two streets, Pallars and Pujades, in which, as in the two sides of a coin, we will find past and future.

Pujades 111, Barcelona
Architect in charge
Batlle i Roig
Pending Tender
In the pipeline
Project Management
10.011,22 m2

On the one hand, in Pujades street, an 8 floors building with more than 6,000 m2 will be built and on the other hand, in Pallars street, the current buildings will be respected and restored: a modernist industrial building and a residential building that will be raised two floors.

Past and future come together in and through the public space that will be created between the two streets in which a traditional poble nou chimney will be restored, crowning the union of the new and the historic.

We couldn’t be happier to participate in the project by offering our Project Management services.